A Whole Range of Dental Appliances

It isn't just dentures and prosthetics we supply. Premier Dental Services Laboratory offer a plethora of different dental appliances to give your dental surgery our quality gum shields, essix retainers and more.

Keeping Dentists Smiling

If you call Premier Dental Services we can discuss your individual needs to make whatever dental appliances you order perfect for you. No matter the order, if it is regular or just a one off request, for items such as gum shields or our Essix retainers we will cater for you. All enquiries are welcome, just give us a call.

We Get Around

A lot of our custom comes from Bolton and the surrounding areas. However, Premier Dental Services can offer our dental appliances as far reaching as Scotland with our postal service. We want to make sure that every dentist in the UK gets the service they deserve.

Along side our full service Prosthetics department, we also manufacture gum shields of various designs and colours.

Essix retainers to wear after orthodontic treatment.

Bleaching trays and fluoride trays.

Soft night bite guards and TMJ splints.

Just Ask

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Phone and we are confident we can help.

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Our Dental Appliances

  • Gum shields
  • Night guards
  • Essix retainers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Flexible dentures
  • Chrome cobalt dentures

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