Delivering Quality Dentures

We are a specialist Prosthetics Laboratory. We pride ourselves on providing high quality dental appliances regardless of the standard requested. We produce NHS prostheses to the best possible standard as we do for Independent and Private clients.

We manufacture dental appliances at various levels ranging from


You can choose from a whole range of dentures. Premier Dental Services offers brands you can trust, including Duraflex Valplast and Vivadent, and produces high quality orders tailored just for you, so we can help with whatever it is you need.

  • We pride ourselves in providing high quality dental appliances.

  • We specialise in Prosthetics and have over 30 years experience.

  • Our services provide for NHS and Private surgeries and our range

    of appliances include Full and Partial denturesFlexible dentures Chrome

    Cobalt dentures all made to exacting standards

Across the UK

Remember, all of our services including dentures, denture repair, night guards and more are available to both NHS and private dental practises. This is within Bolton, and across the whole of the UK. It doesn’t matter where your practice is our postal service can supply you.

Professional Technicians

Our dentures are made by professional dental technicians, so you can expect quality. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will help you get the dentures you deserve.

What's Available

• Partial dentures
• Flexible dentures
• Denture relining
Denture repair service

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